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Keylogger Software

Do you need to find out how your PC is used in your absence? Want to know online chat session details of your children when you are not at Home? Want to know whether your employees are not wasting time at work?

Highly interactive keystroke surveillance tool used for monitoring children, employee's, and spouse computer usage at any time around the world. Utility helps in keeping close watch over the employee`s internet working on Company PC during office timing. Moreover, keyboard-monitoring program allows parents to keep an eye on online chat sessions and internet surfing activities of children at Home.

Keylogger Software is specifically designed tool used to monitor and record every keystroke entry of any user made from your keyboard in real time. Keystroke monitoring software tracks each single key pressed and secretly records typed characters, symbols, digits and special keys.

Price : $45

Keylogger Software

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Software In stantly Records:

  • Chatroom activities
  • Login ID and passwords
  • Web searching
  • Send emails
  • Documents and typed word files

Keystroke recorder helps administrator to review the overall PC usage by generating simple and easily understandable log report of entire keyboard typing activities. Password protected utility even provides option to deliver keystroke activity log details at specified email ID. Thus, no need to stay around over user`s PC to check his/her computer operations.

Security Features:

  • Capable to work in stealth mode and remains invisible from Add/Remove list, Start menu, Program folders and even not appear on Desktop.
  • Password protected feature restricts unauthorized users to change software settings.
  • Provides Hot key settings to access the hidden software.

Other Features

  • Records every key logging activities performed in different applications on your PC.
  • Automatically prepares keystroke activity log report and save at desired location.
  • Generate log report in Text and Html file format.
  • Sends log file details at defined email account.
  • Safe to install and run
  • User-friendly GUI interface
  • Economical and easily affordable
  • Windows compatible utility
  • No technical skills required to operate the program

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