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Setup is a computer software utility designed to install the necessary components and perform configuration necessary for a new software application. Setup is a simple and easy way to create installation programs to distribute your applications to your Clients.

Setup Creator is simple and reliable functionality that most people need and created installation setup files are compatible with all Windows operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP Editions (Home, Professional, Media Center and Tablet PC) and Vista (Home Premium Edition, Home Basic Edition, Ultimate Edition, Business Edition, Enterprise Edition). Setup maker tool is a useful utility for Programmers, Coders and Software developers.

MSI Windows Installer (previously known as Microsoft installer) is an engine for the installation and maintenance of software on Microsoft Windows system. An EXE file that contains the code for a program and its size is slightly less than 64 KB since it lacks relocation information and contains only one code segment.
  • MSI to EXE Creator - Setup Creator creates EXE file from MSI Windows installer file easily. Created EXE file can be saved to specified location in storage media for future reference. Basic functionality of MSI application remains unchanged. Setup maker creates a single executable file and no additional files are created. You just need to specify the location of Visual basic .NET Framework MSI file and MSI to EXE Creator will create the executable file.
  • Setup Install Maker - Setup Install Maker is the cost effective solution for creating fully featured, professional looking setup for any Windows application. Created setup for software product can be distributed easily over internet or using removable media drives, so that end users can simply install or operate it. Setup creator facilitates you to select required files and compress into single EXE file without changing the basic functionality of any application.

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