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Backlink Checker Utility

Backlink Checker Utility measures real time performance of advertiser’s website backlinks status on different publisher websites. Inline backlink checker finds out number of direct links, JavaScript links and other links pointing to user’s website.

Back Link checker software checks the status of backlinks on publisher’s website whether advertisers website link still point to publisher’s website or not and evaluates owner’s website popularity on World Wide Web.

Price : $45

Backlink Checker Utility

Backlink Checker Utility Screenshots ➤

Backlink Checker Tool:

Alerts User: If “link is found”, “link is not found” or “page cannot be displayed” on publisher web site.

Finds: Direct links, JavaScript links and similar other type of links on publisher’s web site.

Software Features:

  • Check the backlink status of your websites on different publisher site.
  • Find out anchor text of links and other information on your (advertiser) website.
  • Detailed backlink status report is generated in TEXT or HTML file format for future reference.
  • Software provides facility to check the status of backlink pointing to publisher’s site.
  • Sends notification to publisher email ID if backlink is not present or page is not displayed on publisher’s website.
  • Easy to use software can be easily operated by non-technical person.

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